• Payment is in cash
  • In case of delays on your part, we are not obliged to extend the punting over the period booked out.
  • Cancellations because of bad weather (rain) up to 2 hours before departure are free of charge. If you don’t show up without prior notice, you have to pay the full fare.
  • Because of floods, strong currents or storm the ride can also be canceled at short notice. Here you incur no costs.
  • On cancellations for other reasons we reserve a handling fee.
  • The instructions of the punting leader is necessarily followed. The punt leader can exclude people who do not follow his instructions, before or during the trip from participating.
  • All liability is excluded if the damage was not caused by the punting leader intent or gross negligence. We shall be liable neither for mobile phones, cameras or other items that are defective upon contact with water. For cleaning of garments we can not get on. The supervision of children and young people is the responsibility of accompanying adults – not the punt driver.
  • On the invoices, the sales tax is not expelled (Kleinunternehmerregelung gem. § 19).